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Our firm represents clients on all issues dealing with immigration and visas to the United States & Canada , such as passports and citizenship, permanent residency, Green Cards, immigration visas for family members, and all types of US non-immigrant visas, tourist visas, visas for investors and start-up companies.

American & Canadian Immigration Lawyer

If you are seeking immigration assistance or visas to the United States or Canada, Saad Abu Khalaf law firm has enough experience in this field and for sure we can assist you.

Our firm gives legal advice to individual and commercial clients dealing with the US citizenship and immigration services, the Department of State, US Customs and Border Protection, and US embassies around the world, including in Israel.


Our Practice Areas

If you seek legal assistance from a US & Canada immigration lawyer, please contact us.


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About Attorney Saad Abukhalaf

Saad Abu Khalaf Law Office is an Israeli law firm. A legal Team with different areas of legal expertise. For our clients convenience Our office is located in Jerusalem.

Our Legal firm provides legal services on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, immigration law, criminal law, Israeli real estate law, inheritance law, Sharia Law, and legal representation in Israeli courts.

Our law firm specializes in immigration law, we provide expert advice for immigration to Israel, family unification especially for Palestinians , and representation in the Ministry of Interior offices in Israel. We can also advise on immigration to the US & Canada.

we are committed to excellence while representing clients at reasonable costs.