Saad Abu Khalaf Law Firm is specializes in family law and Sharia law, among other legal areas. In the event that you have a divorce or alimony lawsuit at the Sharia courts or the family court, one of our lawyers , who is specialized in this field will be happy to contact you to discuss the best way to proceed with the procedure.

Divorce and alimony cases presented by Sharia courts in Israel

The four schools differed on some points related to the types of alimony in Islam, and they agreed on three basic points, which are clothing, food and housing, and the principle is that they are obligatory for parents towards their children and for adult children towards their parents, according to the Journal of Judicial Judgments for the year 1293 AH. The aforementioned parties, and there is no estimation of alimony, but sufficient food, clothing, and housing must be provided, as well as the wife (with no divorce), and whoever was by virtue of the wife, and she is divorced in the retrospective without the divorced by irrevocable divorce and if she is not pregnant There is no expense for her.

The Sharia court, in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, determines the type and amount of alimony for the wife and minors based on the material situation of the husband and on several other matters decided by the court. In some cases our clients prefer to resort to secular family courts in Israel rather than religious courts, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Contrary to popular opinion, religious courts are often much faster than secular courts. It is important to discuss the best option for you with your attorney.

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